9 Open Source Python Projects To Join In 2022!

9. Django

Ah yes, the famous web development framework made for Python. It has more than 60k stars on Github and is used by millions of Python developers around the world. Django

8. Scrapy

Scrapy is the most popular Python web scraping library with over 40k stars on github. Scrapy

7. Scikit-Learn

If you’ve been involved in machine learning with Python for some time, you’ve probably come across this library. Scikit-Learn

6. Pandas

Pandas is the most popular data analysis/manipulation library for Python. Pandas

5. Flask

Flask is another popular Python web development library with over 50k stars on Github. Flask

4. Requests

Requests, the OG library used by millions that is used for making HTTP requests with Python. This might be pretty underwhelming, but you see, the requests library is used to connect to API endpoints, authenticate web connections, scrape data from the web, test web endpoints and more! Without the requests library, Python wouldn’t be where it is today. Requests

3. Matplotlib

Matplotlib is the most popular data visualization library for Python. Matplotlib

2. Keras

With over 50k stars on Github, Keras is a simple, versatile and robust library for building neural networks with Python. Keras

1. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is a sophisticated Python neural network, deep learning and machine learning library used by millions with over 160k stars on Github. TensorFlow


I hope that in this article, you’ve found the open source project that you would like to contribute to, and help build the future of Python.


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